Astrological psychosynthesis

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Astrological Psychosynthesis

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Packed with so many good things to savour, I enjoyed and relished this newly-published book Meetings with Amazing People by Will Parfitt.

An Introduction to Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays

Will has a long association with APA and his book, Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond, is recommended reading for those studying our published Diploma Course in Astrological Psychology.

Psychosynthesis Resources Astrology and Soul Psychology. Learn more about how Mark combines Psychosynthesis with astrology in this complete professionally-recorded weekend workshop. The Seven Rays correspond to many septenaries, which provide the basic building blocks of occultism. Planets rule rays, similar to astrological rulerships, hence the.

Astrological psychosynthesis aims to help people to find their own true self and work consciously towards integration and wholeness. The horoscope is used not just as an analytical tool, but also as an instrument to enhance the process of.

Caroline Cole, dipl. API (Switzerland)/BFRP

Astrological Psychosynthesis: The Integration of Personality, Love and Intelligence in the Horoscope Paperback – March 1, by. Get this from a library! Astrological psychosynthesis: the integration of personality, love, and intelligence in the horoscope.

Astrological Psychosynthesis

[Bruno Huber] -- This holistic approach towards astrology and chart-reading uses a synthesis of psychology and astrology to address questions of spiritual growth.

Astrological psychosynthesis
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