Background information on death penalty

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Death Penalty

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Background Information

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Background. Capital punishment is the lawful infliction of death as a punishment and since ancient times it has been used for a wide variety of offences. Opponents of the death penalty argue that this punishment is being used more often against perpetrators from racial and ethnic minorities and from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, than against those criminals who come from a privileged background; and that the background of the victim also influences the outcome.

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Aug 23,  · Of the 13 murder charges, 12 include a variety of special circumstances spelled out in the state penal code that make DeAngelo eligible for the death penalty, should prosecutors decide to seek it. House Bill 93 requires the death certificate of an inmate executed by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to be classified as death caused by “judicially ordered execution.” Currently, the death certificates list the cause of death as homicide.

This bill will take effect Sept. 1, 4 thoughts on “ The Legal Background for Capital Punishment ” Christopher Engel March 31, at am. A correction: You stated: Interestingly, the U.S. is the only industrialized democracy where the death penalty is authorized and still carried out Japan also uses the death penalty.

Background information on death penalty
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