Cricket pitch marking

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Cricket in the West Indies

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FIFA World Cup 2018: Anit-Kremlin punk band Pussy Riot invade pitch during France-Croatia final

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South Africa vs India, 1st Test - Live Cricket Score, Commentary

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Live Cricket Score: IPL 2018, SRH v RCB

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Glossary of cricket terms

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Kohli wins another battle against nemesis Anderson to hit 23rd Test century; India set England mammoth run target. The world has turned upside down in four years. Durant Cricket supplies and installs specialist cricket ground equipment to cricket clubs and schools across the UK. So a superb Test at Newlands to begin the new year with.

Home teams continue to dominate. Away teams continue to hunt for ways of creating something. White Ball Cricket Crease Markings Diagram Wide Ball Interpretation in “White Ball Cricket” Leg side • All balls that pass down the leg side and behind the striker shall be interpreted as negative.

Make sure you read our IPL match report for SRH vs RCB, titled "The Masters of defence stand up once again" FYI: Here's the updated IPL points table and here's the match page for SRH v RCB.

Cricket pitch marking
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India vs England test series: Virat Kohli hits a century, India set England mammoth run target