Does advertising in local papers work

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The Secrets to Effective Newspaper Advertising

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Advertising in Newspapers…Can It Still Work?

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Does Newspaper Advertising Work?

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Is It Worth It To Advertise In Your Local Newspaper?

That thinking has given rise to the new breed of persuasion salesperson. Jul 02,  · Depends on what you're advertising and who your market is. Newspaper advertising is like any other form of advertising, it works if your market reads newspapers.

It won't work if they don't. Check out the local papers, and by that I mean REALLY local. In Seattle we have the Times, the big paper. But we have local advertising and content papers that are free like the Bellevue Reporter (and one for Redmond, Mercer Island, and so on).

If your business caters primarily to your local community, advertising in a local or regional newspapers may actually yield better results for a smaller budget. Some local papers, especially neighborhood and town gazettes, charge very little for advertising space and you will be able to better target your audience since local customers will be reading them.

Q: Over the past 10 months, I've spent $ per month on advertising in a local community newspaper to promote my financial planning practice. But I have yet to receive one phone call from my ad. Advertising in Newspapers Can It Still Work? local papers have seen a 65 percent decrease in circulation as their readers receive more and more of their news and other information from.

Sep 21,  · Certain Types Of Ads Work Better In Print Newspaper has traditionally been a strong performer for local businesses' transactional messaging, which is the easiest to test.

Does advertising in local papers work
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