Gaius marius

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Julius Caesar

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Gaius Marius

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Ancient Rome

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Gaius Iulius Caesar

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Gaius Marius was the Savior of Ancient Rome, but was he a Hero or Villain?

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The statesman and general Julius Caesar ( B.C.) expanded the Roman Republic through a series of battles across Europe before declaring himself dictator for life. Herleitung und Verwendung. Nach dem Liber de praenominibus („Buch über die Vornamen“), einem anonymen Anhang zu den Factorum et dictorum memorabilium („Denkwürdigkeiten“) des Valerius Maximus, leitet sich der Name vom lateinischen Wort gaudium („Freude“) her und soll auf die Freude der Eltern über die Geburt des Kindes Bezug nehmen.

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B This article has been rated as B-Class on the project's quality scale. Gaius Marius: Gaius Marius, Roman general and politician, consul seven times (, –, 86 bce), who was the first Roman to illustrate the political support that a successful general could derive from the votes of his old army veterans.

Gaius Marius was a strong and brave soldier and a skillful general. Gaius Marius was one of the most remarkable and significant figures of the late Roman Republic. At a time when power tended to be restricted to a clique of influential families, he rose from relatively humble origins to attain the top office of consul/5(9).

Gaius Marius. Gaius Marius (ca. B.C.) was a Roman general and popular politician. His military reforms and great commands led to the growing involvement of the army in politics and the eventual collapse of the republican system.

Gaius Marius was the Savior of Ancient Rome, but was he a Hero or Villain? Gaius marius
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