International writing across the curriculum conference 2016 biology

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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing and Speaking Across the Curriculum (WSAC) Programs, Events, and Activities: Analytical & creative writing across the curriculum & community; Biology writes songs and poems in their mammal study; Hour Play Festival VA Voice Advertisment.

Re: Calling Christopher. Poetry Slam with Geoff Hewitt Lucy was a member of an ISSoTL International Collaborative Writing Group, has numerous papers published top-tier higher education journals, and was the recipient of three PhD scholarships. Chris Ostrowski is a PhD student in Educational Research (Learning Sciences), and since he has been a SoTL research assistant at the Taylor Institute.

Due to server problems when Hong Kong was hit by a super typhoon (Category 4 hurricane equivalent) in the last two days, the deadline for abstract submission to the 2 nd English Across the Curriculum (EAC) Conference is postponed until this Wednesday 19 Septembermidnight Hong Kong time.

Jocelyn Reiss, Camelle Kinney, Emily Kiburz-Grimes, Susan Frack, Carol Flora, and Bailey Feit just got word that their panel presentation proposal for the International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been accepted.

Applying the Science of Learning across the Biological Sciences Curriculum

They will present in June Fellows Corner – Posts about Writing Across the Curriculum “Non-Stress Tests,” Assessment, and the Body; Writing as a Tool for Improving In-class Discussion; Making Writing Creative; The humanities paper in a STEM class: a misled and deleterious approach.

Tag: CUNY CUE Conference International Writing across the Curriculum Conference. Ann Arbor, MI (June ). “‘I left the writing behind’: Aphasia, ‘Good’ Writing, and Resisting Accommodation.”

International writing across the curriculum conference 2016 biology
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