Marine biology coursework

Marine Science (B.S.)

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Marine Biology Minor for EEB Majors (MBEB)

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Master of Biological Science

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Careers in Marine Biology

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Marine Biology

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Biological Sciences: Marine Biology Ph.D.

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Marine Biology, B.S. Interested students can elect the License Option, which entails the required coursework for a U.S. Coast Guard 3rd Mate deck or engine officer. This is conferred to a student when they have completed all their academic requirements (including cruises).

Marine Biology Marine biology is not a separate discipline in biology. It is the application of different specialties in biology to the study of the particular organisms which live in the marine environment.

Marine Biology Minor for EEB Majors (MBEB) In addition to the core courses and the elective courses required for either the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEBI) major or the Environmental Biology (ENVB) major, students who wish to add a minor in Marine Biology will complete the following coursework beyond those required for an EEB major.

After the basic required coursework is completed, students will begin to take such required courses such as: BSC Marine Biology: Marine Biology will introduce you to life in the oceans. After completing this course, you will understand how life under the sea is vastly different than you expected!

Marine and Freshwater Biology (C) is a 3 year programme of study which has the aims of developing in our students: An understanding of marine and freshwater systems, and the varied levels of complexity from molecules to populations and ecosystems.

Jul 20,  · Marine Bio Undergraduate Coursework. To become a marine biologist, students must select a major in marine biology or a similar field.

In a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology program, students study physics, genetics, oceanography, chemistry and general marine biology.

Marine biology coursework
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Master of Biological Science