Paper tape dispenser

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Electric Tape Dispenser

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Manual Gummed Kraft Paper Industrial Tape Dispenser for 8/10

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Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser - BP555

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Fully electronic control system with automatic function that allows the operator to key in specific lengths. For plain and reinforced gummed tape up to 70mm wide. This heavy duty dispenser has a 20% stronger motor for longer life capacity and smoother.

Simple pull and tear paper gum tape dispenser. Ideal for low volume use. Fits 1 - 3" tape widths. Unique "subway feed" for uniform tension to aid in tape moistening.


Better Packages Packer 3s Pull & Tear Machine, Gray, 1/Each. Simple pull and tear paper gum tape dispenser. Add a tape dispenser to your desk for quick access, and tackle papertears and projects that require adhesive quickly with the easy-to-handle jkaireland.comable dispensers cut down on cost and waste, as the only item that needsreplacing is the tape itself.

Marsh TD2100-TDE110

Paper roll dispenser - results from brands San Jamar, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-clark, products like Bulman All-In-1 Paper Roll Dispenser & Cutter, 9" Diameter, 18" Wide, Steel, Light Gray -BUPA, Tough Guy Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispenser, 12In Capacity, Bradley Technologies Corporation Dual-Jumbo-Roll Toilet Paper Holder Tamper evident security tape provides a security seal for shipping cartons, pallets, wooden crates, envelopes, bags, or other containers.

After applying and when later removed, the security tape will show tamper evidence by self destructing, leaving words (OPENED) on the package and in the security tape.

Better Packages, Manual Kraft Tape Dispenser, BP Plus The Better Pack is perfect for use in light- to medium-volume packaging areas and can be used with either reinforced or non-reinforced water-activated paper tape.

Paper tape dispenser
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Auto Electric Tape Dispenser