Pyramid saimira entertains a dicey strategic option

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Pyramid Saimira takes controlling stake in Dimples Cine Advertising

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Mumbai, Nov 28 (UNI) Pyramid Saimira Theatre today announced its strategic acquisition of Mumbai-based Dimples Cine Advertising. As per the details of the acquisition, Pyramid Saimira Group has. Strategy Pyramid is an effective way of representing strategic planning steps that have a crucial place in business goals & plans and similar priorities and different courses of action for reaching those goals and fulfilling the requisites of the plans%.

Pyramid saimira 1. Pyramid Saimira Entertains a Dicey Strategic Option* LIZA DSOUZA 2. Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments. P S Saminathan in the matter of Pyramid Saimira Limited Page 4 of 23 was issued to Noticee to appear for personal hearing on September 6, at SEBI Southern Regional Office (SRO), Chennai.

Moser Baer's stategic tie-up with Pyramid Saimira Pyramid saimira entertains a dicey strategic option
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SEBI attaches properties in Pyramid Saimira case - The Hindu