Scientific name of mango as per the conventions of academic writing

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It would be a great pleasure to thank, by name, the many persons, both Indian and English, who have so courteously facilitated my access to information, to records, and to those places and things that I desired to see for myself. Good technical writing aims to inform with clarity and precision.

There are a number of conventions for technical writing and some of the most common are outlined below. Scientific or technical writing is different from literary writing in a number of ways.

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Primarily, the aim of technical writing is. Shyam knew the correct scientific name of Mango, but did not follow the conventions while writing it and wrote it as Mangifera Indica.

Rewrite the Scienctific name as per the conventions. writing and writing about science) but certain conventions appear more often in scientific writing (e.g., use of SI units, citation of primary literature, use of scientific versus common names, etc.).

This past week the world watched in abject horror the despicable spectacle of a Pakistani mosque – a place of worship and sanctity – under intense “Shock and Awe” visitation by Pakistan's own elite Army. It is your responsibility to learn the conventions of writing in each subject area.

particularly in scientific writing. The academic skills unit has produced two guides with more information about tenses: commonly used scientific name.

These should always be used in preference to the Trade or Brand name.

Scientific name of mango as per the conventions of academic writing
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