Therapy group activities to write an eulogy

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Group Therapy Activities

Write Your Own Eulogy - A Psychological Exercise. Write Your Own Eulogy - A Psychological Exercise from Pinterest. EDITABLE Growth Mindset Posters (w/Student Printables) Social Work Activities Group activities Therapy activities Coping Skills Activities Therapy.

Eulogy for my co-worker Donna. by James T Lang (Virginia) A mirror or reflection. I want the audience to see in their imagination what the life of Donna was all about. See Donna’s whole person: her strengths, joys, challenges, achievements.

About the Write Your Own Eulogy Exercise. This exercise is one of the most challenging and powerful emotional activities I know, so be careful about the group and situation in which you choose to use it.

My suggestion is that it will tend to work better in the middle or latter stages of a program. Ideas for Expressive Art Therapy Activities; Give the group participants the paper bags, and ask them to draw a self-portrait on one side of the bag.

On the back of the bag, have them create their tombstone or write a eulogy that tells others for what they hope to be remembered. Inside the bag, ask participants to place items that make. It's meant for the select group of people who knew and cared for that person, or who care for the survivors." "It's the personal touch," says Garry Schaeffer, author of A Labor of Love: How to Write a Eulogy.

Feeling Code Collage (learned from my art therapy supervisor, Susan LaMantia) Take one sheet of paper and draw and color an image to represent various feelings, such as happy, sad, mad, scared, embarrassment, love, peace, crazy, bored, etc.

Label each image with the feeling.

Therapy group activities to write an eulogy
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Psychological Exercises for Insight & Self-Awareness Groups